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 What We Do:

remanufactured cylinder head Blackdog Manufacturing is the in-house manufacturing division of Motorcars LTD and British Parts International that creates innovative, cost-effective solutions to today's Jaguar and Land Rover parts problems. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the Jaguar and Land Rover parts industry, we manufacture and resell only the highest quality parts under the Blackdog name.

 Why We Do It:

Motorcars LTD operates Jaguar and Land Rover service facilities in Texas in addition to selling parts nationwide. Being a multi-faceted company in the automotive industry has given us great insight into the kinds of parts that work or don't work. Over the years, we have found a number of Jaguar and Land Rover parts that simply don't get the job done. Whether they are ineffective, "No Longer Serviced" or overpriced, these problem parts create needless waste of money and time. Blackdog insists that you should not have to settle for expensive, difficult solutions if more efficient and cost effective alternatives exist, so we created our own high quality solutions to modern parts problems. Browse our Black Dog Products quick links or check out one of our featured products today!

 Our Newest Product: XJ8 2004-2009 Air Spring Conversion Kit

Blackdog Manufacturing announces the availability of the XJ8 Air Suspension Conversion Kit. This coil spring/shock absorber kit is an economical and permanent solution to the troublesome 2004-2009 XJ8 factory air suspension system. The system utilizes the proven and time tested coil spring/shock assembly design and features Bilstein shock absorbers. The suspension kit includes all necessary components to eliminate any warning light or ECM code issues. The spring/shock assemblies use the vehicle's existing suspension mount points, so installation requires no cutting or welding.

Installing the Air Suspension Conversion kit on your vehicle will provide for comfortable, trouble-free driving for years to come!

Click here to read more about this Conversion Kit!

XJ8 Spring Kit

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